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Salient Features

This Forum has been designed to be democratic, intuitive to use, promote frank discussions and conversations, encourage interactions and conversations between everyone with vested interest in well-being of our healthcare system, and to capture high quality data from these conversations to shape public opinion and influence public policy.


Ease of use

It has been designed keeping in mind physicians who are not computer savvy. It is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Protecting your real-life identity

  • Physicians: Physicians will be identified only by their screen-name. The screen names will be system generated and reflect their subspecialty (eg. Gastro25621, Cardio54169 etc.) This web-platform has a unique architecture that is specifically designed to provide complete protection of the real-life identity of physicians who express their view on this platform.
  • Non-physicians: The non-physicians will be identified by a screen-name that comprises their first or the last name (e.g. Carl34268 or Levin 22349, you get to chose which) followed by a random five digit number. You also have the option of choosing to use your real name if you think it will be appropriate.

Who can access the contents of Forum:

  • The contents of Forum are accessible to all without the need to log-in (including those who have not registered)
  • Both physicians and non-physicians can comment or participate in surveys or polls only after registering and then logging into the system.

Rules of use:

  • Registered users (both physicians and non-physicians) can participate in the discussions and surveys including starting a discussion or a survey or writing an op-ed article in Opinion section.
  • Our 'Forum' is completely democratic and not moderated. We will however, monitor for abuse and use of foul language.
  • We have no political affiliation or agenda. Individuals with liberal and conservative views even those with extreme ones are welcome to share and defend their viewpoints on this platform.
  • We encourage individuals who are passionate about their beliefs to be frank and candid about their viewpoints. However, we request that all of us keep within the boundaries of civility and decency.
  • Malicious behavior including personal insults or maligning individuals on this platform will not be allowed and the accounts of those responsible risk being blacklisted and closed.

What can be discussed on this platform:

  • Any healthcare related topics can be discussed including healthcare policy and other associated issues
  • Articles related to healthcare published in the lay press or videos on internet can be pulled into this Forum and commented on, or discussed within our Forum.
  • Surveys can be taken on any healthcare related issues. Designing a survey on this platform is extremely simple and intuitive. Any registered member (both physician or non-physician) can start a survey.
  • Registered Members will can write 'Opinion' op-ed articles on topics of their choice

Governance and Leadership:

  • We hope to see this platform being governed democratically by registered members (both physicians and non-physicians) who volunteer to participate in governance and provide leadership.
  • We would however make sure that those involved in the leadership/governance positions do not have a conflict of interest and follow a model code of conduct in performance of their duties
  • MyTrustedDr will commit to maintain and constantly upgrade this web-platform. We also commit not to interfere in the democratic functioning of this platform.

Our appeal to you

  • This communication platform has been designed solely to provide a voice to patients and 'ungag' the physicians so as enable them to be able to freely express their views and also make their views count in policy-making. We have no other agenda behind its creation.
  • We would appeal to everyone using this Forum (both physicians and non-physicians) to be respectful of each other and be circumspect and thoughtful in your criticisms and discussions to create an atmosphere conducive for high quality discussions. We hope that these discussions will help non-physicians understand the problems facing healthcare and also make the policy makers take notice.

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