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We have designed this format to enable registered physicians and non-physicians to participate collaboratively in creating list of problems in healthcare. This format can not only capture the list of problems that are on people's minds, but also prioritizes them in order of how important they are to the participants.

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  • Express your opinions by voting on whether you agree with the problems listed.
  • The number of votes will demonstrate that you care about the topics being discussed to non-physicians and policy makers. Therefore, PLEASE VOTE.
  • You can express your feelings about the problems plaguing healthcare by adding your comments after you vote on the problem list.
  • You can also see how others have re-phrased the problem and vote on which one you most agree with.
  • If you think that this needs to be re-phrased, please use the rephrase button to re-phrase in a way that you think is the best.
  • You can add a problem to the list.
  • Please go through the problems already listed before adding to the problem list.
  • Please do not add problems somewhat similar to the ones which are listed.

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